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Luxury Pet Accessories - Memorials For Our Beloved Pets

The heartbreaking truth about owning a pet is that one day we will have no choice but to say good-bye to our beloved pets for the very last time. Our grief for their loss will be real and painful. A pain known only to those who have known the unconditional love a pet bestows upon us. Choosing to have our pets cremated has become an option for many pet lovers. There are many wonderful urns to choose from such as the one shown To view the many beautiful urns available click the image to your right.

Knowing you will forever carry the love for your pet in your heart

you may also want to create a personalized memorial for your pet such as a favorite photo of your pet framed along side a beautiful poem. A personalized keepsake box or maybe a garden stone or plaque. For some of us having these small mementoes of our beloved pets may help to heal our broken hearts.

You can find wonderful personalized memorials for your beloved pet here


Cats love to scratch and need to do so to keep their claws clean, sharp, and healthy. The scratching motion also serves to stretch and tone you cat's muscles. By providing your cat with a scratching post you're helping them to stay healthy. When thinking of a scratching post you may envision the standard some what boring post style. Today you can find many fun and whimsical shapes and styles for your cats scratching needs.

You can find more than 100 scratching posts options here

Most cats would love to wander the great outdoors. By keeping them inside our homes we're helping to keep them safe from the dangers they may face from other animals, disease and of course the cars. To help fulfill their Couriousity providing them with a window perch or wall-mounted perch allows them the view without all the dangers.

Most cat don't like traveling in cars. It can be a very stressful experience for them. Every once in a while they simply have no choice. To help ease their anxiety it's best to use a pet carrier for their protection and yours. Your choices in carriers have definitly changed from the classic to the purse styles, the slings, backpacks, to the travel carriers with wheels. Providing you several choices to fit your needs.

By provding your cat toys for their mental and physical stimulation along with luxury accessories, you're giving your cats all they need to stay comfortable, active, and healthy. Rewarding both you and your cat with many wonderful loving and happy years to share.

You can find all of these pet accessories and more for your cat here


Whether You've just welcomed a new puppy into your family or maybe you have a dog approaching his or hers senior years It can be very helpful to have some extra pet accessories to help you both through the many stages of your dogs life.

We all know puppies come with a few learning challenges. House trainig can be a little frustrating at times. There are times when you may need a little help to get you both through the process. Keeping them in a secured area of your home can be very helpful. You may want to consider pet accessories such as gates or an exercise pen you can set up indoors. Keeping them safe and secure in a confined area of your home may help to relieve their anxiety of being away from you for awhile and allow you the freedom to complete your tasks around your home without their loving help. While you're away from home you may want to supply your puppy with training pads or an indoor pet pottie until they are old enough to control their necessary bodily functions.

Many of us love spending time in the great outdoors with our dogs. While including our dogs on a family bike ride can be fun. It can also be a challenge. Biking gear pet accessories such as baskets or a bike trailer can help give you a little peace of mind and allow your dog the opportunity to come along for the ride while keeping them safe and secure.

There are dog accessories for walking, hiking, camping or enjoying water activaties with our dogs. When you're hiking your dog can actually help carry the load. By supplying your dog with their own backpack you can pack an emergency kit for your dog and all your dogs favorite supplies. Just like with any member of the family if your enjoying water sports you need to keep them safe. Supplying a life jacket for your dog is the best way to ensure the entire family is safe from the life threatening dangers water can create. As dog owners it is our responsibility to ensure our pets safety

Agility training dog accessories can be a great idea for dogs who have a lot of energy. whether you're serious about competing or just want your dog to have fun. These dog accessories can help stimulate your dogs mind and provide your active dogs the added exercise they love.

When our dog enter into their senior years sometimes they may need a little extra help to continue enjoying their favorite daily routines. Maybe it's greeting you in the morning while your still in bed or enjoying a ride with you anywhere you go. Pet accessories like steps for your little guys and dog ramps for your big ones can help you both continue to enjoy all the special moments you've come to love and share together.

Pet accessories for are dogs health, their grooming needs and the hundreds of toys created to help keep our dogs active and healthy help to ensure we'll have many wonderful happy, loving years together.

You can find all of these pet accessories and more for your dog here


Creating personalized pet accessories can be a fun idea for many pet owners. Adding your pets name to their dish or a food mat creates your pets own little spot in your home. Personalizing a frame for your favorite pet photo to dispay along with your other family photos can add a little whimsical feel to your photo collection. A personalized pet tag not only can give you a little piece of mind it can also be a very helpful tool to reunite you and your pet should your pet accidentally become separated from you and your family.

You can find and create many different personalized pet accessories here


Once Again May We Recommend A beautiful urn for your beloved pet

Luxury Pet Accessories Video - A Tribute to Rookie

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